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An action may seem insignificant when regarding it as an isolated incident, yet it can have a huge impact if you look at the big picture. Considering this big picture and the causes and consequences of actions is what I refer to as a "process-driven mindset" - because processes are everywhere!

Find out more about me, my research and how I want to spread this mindset.

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Who am I?


My name is Nina, I'm a researcher at the Chair for Process and Data Science of RWTH Aachen University (Germany).  My research lies in the area of process mining - analysing company data (event data) to improve processes.

Within this field, I look into the analysis of logistical processes as well as the application of process mining to support sustainable development.

Before focussing on process mining, I dived into the realms of Lean Six Sigma, Quality Management, Operations Research and Data Science in consulting projects and my master's in industrial engineering.

On this website, I share my research and thoughts on process analysis and process management. I hope you find something interesting here!

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About Me

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Find out more about my research regarding Process Mining in Logistics and Process Mining for Sustainability.

Process Mining

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